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Trade Marks
All trademarks and copyrights on this page are owned by their respective owners. Do not sell any of the content on the website that includes any designs, artwork or text. Or include this in sales or larger packages. All the content on the website is intended for free use. Do not include the content in magazines, television shows, books or cd's. You can link the web address but not the content itself. All of the content on the website are intended for people to read, print and use for free. That includes daycares, librarians ,schools, churches, camps, clubs, grandparents, nannies, children and moms & dads.

General Policy.
All the pictures provided on are considered to be from the public domain e.g. they are widely found on many other sites etc., and comply with second party site's policies. We try our best to give as much credit back to those authors / owners / organizations etc. as possible. But if you believe a certain image should not be featured on our website. Please email the webmaster and we shall arrange to take off the image as soon as possible.
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